Integration with GA4

  • 21 November 2022
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The current available GA analytics is Universal. Will this work for GA4? or is there another way we’ll have to integrate for GA4?

9 replies

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Hi @omega-kim! Thanks for reaching out! 

FullStory does not support GA4 at this time, however, we do have alternative implementation options you can follow:

Option 1: Customer hosted DLC (FKA, “DLO”) GA4 data ingestion code

GA Events: Your dev team can re-work Data Layer Capture code to custom capture your GA4 data. We have some open source Data Layer Capture code (specific to Google Analytics) you can work with, here

GA E-Commerce.

The above code examples are basically what FullStory’s DLC tool does behind the scenes, so if you pass the “_dlo_rules…” argument in the window object to set your GA4 values (before the fs.js main snippet runs) then FullStory should pick them up. If your dev team requires additional help writing custom code then we can put you in touch with our Professional Services team who can assist further.

Option 2: Send valuable data to FullStory APIs

You can feed any valuable GA4 data to FullStory via several Client APis --- whether Event, User, or Page data.

  1. For Events, use FS.event API
  2. For User Identification, use FS.identify
  3. For User Variables, use FS.setUserVars
  4. For Webpage Variables, use FS.setVars('page')
  1. You can begin passing us data via these APIs right away. We have some useful guides in our Knowledge Base on using these APIs, if helpful.

Please let me know if you have any other questions! 

Thanks for that info @lindsay do you know if it’s in the roadmap or if there is an ETA for GA4?

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Hi @omega-kim! Jumping in for Lindsay here. No ETA for GA4 at this time; however, we are thinking through what type of integration might be most useful. Are you interested in passing FullStory session URLs into Google Analytics, or capturing Google Analytics data layer events in FullStory? Or something else entirely? Would love to hear what’s on your mind! 😊

Honestly, I’m not sure. I set up the integration to Google UA because it was easy to do. I’m not sure we ever really made use of it. Passing data layer event to Fullstory may actually be more useful, as long as it’s easy to setup. I think we tried that using tag manger before, but IT was concerned it was adding load time to our page.

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Got it! That makes sense, and thanks so much for sharing. I’ll pass this along to our Product Managers for their consideration.  

Hi FS team, and Kim - just tagging into this thread here. Are there any updates regarding GA4 and FS having a native integration?

One question we have, is that we are thinking of implementing GA4, and Google Tag Manager; however, i’m not sure how we should optimize the implementation as we plan to continue to leverage FullStory as well. 


Are there more details on the pros that your team can share outside of this blog article? →

And any recommendations on the implementation of both? 

For instance, GA4 has it’s own automatically tracked events, and recommended schema, whereas FS has tagless autocapture, and a recommended schema for the creation of custom events.

The FullStory dashboard and segmentation is pretty robust, so it would be good to know what are the benefits of using GA4 as well, and also if we were to do custom events, what schema should ideally be used if both platforms are used. Any suggestions would be great.


Hey @DavidL -

Jumping in for Megan & Lindsay who are out today.

Because we don’t support GA4 at this time, your best bet is to utilize Lindsay’s instructions from the beginning of this thread.

Adding thoughts on GA4 integration.  One of weak spots for me in FullStory today is traffic by source.  Google analytics does this very well, would be great if FullStory could integrate with GA4 so that we could utilize the traffic sources, source, campaign, etc in the future.

In terms of passing events, on our end we do this separate for each tool (we use GTM and then fire to each tool the pieces we need), so having this be optional piece would be great to not spam FullStory.  Also realize FullStory has GTM integration we just try to prevent a firehose of unneeded data.   



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Hey @nickconfer! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! I’ve just submitted a feature request to our team with your suggestion.