Ask Me Anything! Q&A with FullStory Mobile Experts

  • 18 November 2022
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Ask Me Anything! Q&A with FullStory Mobile Experts
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Wondering how to optimize your mobile UX, struggling to understand Private by Default, or wasting time trying to understand app crashes or quantify performance issues? The mobile experts are here to help!

We’re hosting an Ask Me Anything from November 28th - December 2nd. Our Fullstory experts will be on hand all week, ready and eager to answer your burning mobile questions. 

How does it work? 

It’s simple! Post your question(s) in the comments below, and we’ll answer them for you ASAP! All questions are fair game. Ask us for product help, tips and tricks, best practices, and more–we’re up for the challenge 💪

Get to know our experts

Say hello to two members of our amazing Professional Services team, Visa and Linda!


Visa Gopalakrishnan

As a Senior Solutions Architect at FullStory, Visa helps customers find value from FullStory after they finish onboarding.

We asked Visa…

What’s your favorite FullStory feature?
I love conversions. Conversions help with analyzing signals that attribute to significantly lower conversion rates within a funnel. They show affected users affected along with a projection of lost conversions. Within Conversions, you get to watch sessions to visualize exactly what was going that contribute to friction and conversion loss!”

What’s your favorite mobile app?
Nordstrom - let’s go shopping! 🤩”


Linda Escobar

As a Senior Onboarding Specialist, Linda helps new users uncover value and actionable insights with FullStory right away.

We asked Linda...

What’s your favorite FullStory feature?
“Funnels are the best. They are a great tool for optimization, understanding user paths, drop-offs, and time to complete steps.”

What’s your favorite mobile app?
“Chipotle–let’s order some food! 😊”


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We’re really looking forward to this event and the insightful, informative Q&A it will bring! Mark your calendars, or get a head start by posting your current questions below.


3 replies

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Hello everyone! Visa and I are excited to hear your questions, share our tips and tricks, and connect! 😊


hi there;

it would be great to have best tips and tricks what would be standard Funnel for mobile application user journey where conversation would make sense and add value to the Client, specially where Client is using Custom Events for defining the steps in the Funnel.

We have observed for the implementation where Client is fully utilizing custom events in the Funnel steps,  conversions feature is not giving any results 

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Good morning! 

Custom events are used by our most successful customers (whether passed via an FS.Event API or through an integration like Segment). In my experience, 3-5 steps in each funnel typically produce the most dependable results. If you don't want to use custom events, you can also use text or define events in the app, for instance. If I utilize text, I pay close attention to every option it presents and choose "or" if there are any extras.

The use of funnels on mobile is a great way to learn more about the checkout process, onboarding processes, and which CTAs convert better.

I would first advise double-checking via Segments that sessions exist with the specific event if custom events don't produce any results in the funnel. Otherwise, contact our incredible Support team at