Welcome to the FullStory New Users group!

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Welcome new FullStory users! We’re glad you’re here! 😄

Feel free to introduce yourself and let us know more about you!

Some helpful information to share would be:

  1. How long you’ve been using FullStory.
  2. What goals you’re hoping to achieve with FullStory.
  3. What you’d like to learn more about.

Thanks and looking forward to learning more about you all!

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I’ll go first!

Hey everyone! I’m Lindsay! 🙋🏼 I’m a Community Manager here at FullStory and have been using the platform for 9 months! The goal I am hoping to achieve with FullStory is to gain insight into the efforts I am providing for this user Community to ensure the content is engaging and valuable, and the users are happy and feeling supported! Something I would like to learn more about is how to think bigger when it comes to measuring my efforts by creating metrics that go beyond the obvious and dive deeper to uncover hidden answers.

I just started with fullstory and need to learn and implement to my project

Where to mention our project url and details to caption the user details in full story?

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Hey @Shilpa! Welcome to FullStory, and thanks for joining the Community! 😄

That’s really exciting you just got started and are beginning to learn how to utilize the platform! I would love to help you find what you’re looking for, but I will need a bit more information please. What sort of user details are you looking to capture in FullStory? Feel free to continue the conversation by posting what you’re looking for over in our General Questions section, that way we can get the rest of the Community to view your question and help provide answers! 

I also wanted to share a helpful resource with you while starting out, which is our Ready, Set, FullStory: a Q&A for Beginners live session happening on June 8th! You can join and ask a member of our Customer Success team any new user questions you have! You can register here