Blocked data capture

  • 15 December 2022
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I looked at the article for why dat acpauture is blocked and it mentioned that in the response header there should be an error code, it doesnt seem to be there. Is there another reason that data capture for a URL would be blocked? We have full capture turned on in the network allowlist?

3 replies

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Hi, @sorchamcnamee! Thanks for posting your question!

This looks like a case for the FullStory Support team! I went ahead and created a support ticket so they can take a closer look into the URL that isn’t capturing and the org ID. 😊 In the meantime, could you please check the Data Capture by Domain list to ensure nothing is turned off there?

Thank you so much! 

Good afternoon. tell me how to limit the collection of data on a specific path to the section after stringfor example .It is necessary to limit users to everyone who came with the stag /? don't block everyone else.
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Hi @Artem P - thanks for reaching out! While we don't have any settings in the UI that restrict data capture at as granular a level as page path (eg. /foo/*), you have complete control over which pages are recorded by deciding which pages contain the FullStory script. If you don't want to record any pages for specific URLs, you'll want to remove the FullStory recording snippet from all of those pages. Alternatively, if you're using a tag manager, you'll want to define this page path as a firing rule to deploy the recording snippet. 

Another option is to limit data capture by domain. There’s an article here that walks through this in more detail.