Can you exclude a custom event on a funnel?

  • 17 February 2023
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I have this funnel with three steps and I was wondering if I’m maybe approaching this the wrong way. But I wanted to basically make sure a custom event is NOT included in the funnel. On the image below you only see the first two steps...there is one more BUT, is there a way to said:

Custom Event → Is not → no_results

Or am I approaching this the wrong way? The no_results page will have a URL that starts with /c/ and the no_results page will also have the named element ‘search within’ which is why I’d like to exclude clicks on that element from the no_result page. Also the no_result page is not label as a ‘Page’ in FS since I don’t have a good way to do that, the URL is not unique, so we’re using the API event instead. Otherwise I could probably do another filter to avoid referrer URL is ‘No results page’ but...can’t do that, lol



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2 replies

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Hi @DataSeed99 - I think the way I’d look at this is build a Segment for those that “did not” and then apply that Segment in your Funnel view. You could even look at those that did vs. those that did not to compare/contrast as well. Would that help?

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thanks @stevenshyne  I was thinking about the segment as I was submitting this, lol I’l try that and see….I have mixed results using segments in funnels….sometimes I can still see actions in the recordings from a segment that clearly has excluded hit and miss sometimes.