Click vs Enter key

  • 25 October 2022
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I’m trying to find out the number of events difference between clicks and hitting the Enter key when customers interact with our Buy button.

You can either use your mouse and click the buy button after entering a quantity, or enter a quantity and hit enter on your keyboard.

Is there a way to find out?

2 replies

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Hey Israel, the way I might explore this is looking at Custom Events for all “add-to-cart fired events, then do an exclude [Clicked][Element][Purchase] - something like this:

Does that sorta get at the heart of what you’re looking for? FWIW my hunch is Enter is going to be pretty uncommon, but depends probably on your vertical, audience, familiarity, etc. Good luck! 🕺

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thanks @stevenshyne I’ll try that, I really don’t know how uncommon that may be but there are several areas on our page results where people navigating with their keyboard could easily add several products by tabbing between fields entering a quantity and hitting enter to add the product to their cart. The flow of adding multiple products from one page at the same time we know that is very common. I wonder if in the future the ability to add the key code value would be available.