Count clicks in a Funnel

  • 7 November 2023
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Is there a possibility to count (as an average) how many clicks the user made between one step and another in a funnel?

Thank you


4 replies

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Hey @Celia.hegi! Nice to see your name here again! 😊

There isn’t a way to calculate the average number of clicks a user made between steps of a funnel, however, there are a few avenues you could take depending on why you’re looking to gather this information.

If the reason is based on looking into time spent between each step, the funnel breakdown might be helpful, specifically, the median time to convert and median time to complete step.

You could also build a Journey to see what steps users are taking to get to a certain point, though we won't show a breakdown of each click that's occurring.

I’d love to learn a bit more about why you’re looking to find this information so I can provide the best answer possible! I am also happy to submit a feature request for this on your behalf once I learn more. 😊

Hi Lindsay,

The reasons, is because we expect the new navigation to be easier for users. Certain steps have been automated and we would like to see if click-throughs have decreased as a metric to measure the success of the feature.

The information you mentioned is the most valuable, but I miss some info. between each step like clicks.

Thank you for your answer


I’m also interested in this so that we can reduce the number of clicks needed to process a ticket!

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Hey @Celia.hegi! Thanks so much for sharing more about your use case! I understand why that would be helpful information. 

It may be valuable for you to have someone take a closer look at this for you to confirm the best strategy here, so I’ve contacted your Customer Success Manager to continue the conversation with you. Please let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime! 


Thanks for chiming in @emilyhopeshaw, and welcome to the community! 😊

I have gone ahead and submitted a feature request on your behalf for measuring number of clicks between each step in a funnel. In the meantime, you could try viewing median time to convert in the funnel breakdown. This can help you understand how long it takes users to complete steps in a funnel and can sometimes be a better indicator of ticket processing. 

Please let me know if you have any other questions!