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  • 16 March 2023
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Hello community,


In order to analyze the behavior of visitors that : 1) Entry via a product page url 2) Exit in the same url, I would like to create a segment from Journey.

Therefore, I create a Journey > Start with > “Viewed Page” is “Product Pages”. Then I select my first Step and the Exits section and go to “View as” > Segment

Journey from Product Page : 516K sessions

However, the segment is then created with only 1 step (Visits) without the second step : exit. Eventhough I add a refinement “when the Exit Page is true”, I found myself with more sessions (651K) than within Journey (402K), probably because the refinement is not as restrictive as Journey.

The refinement also counts visitors that visits different Product Pages and exit on another url, whereas Journey seems to be restricted on an url basis.

Segment from Journey : 918K sessions
Segment from Journey with refinement : 651K sessions


Is there any workaround to create the segment with the same number of users & sessions in Journey ?


More broadly, I think FullStory should improve on page metrics to be as powerful as its competitors (refinement by page view that would allow metrics such as bounce rate, segments such as “has seen more than x pages” ...)


Thank you for your help,


4 replies

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Hey @Nicolas R interesting use case! 

I have an idea of how I might approach this and that’s building a Segment with both refine features of Entry Page and Exit Page:

There’s a known flaw in that users could enter on this page, go to another page, u turn or go to another PDP and then leave, but based on your brief that’s acceptable maybe.

If you wanted to make sure it’s sessions that visit a PDP and only a PDP, you could add an exclude filter for visits to any other URL:

Hope that helps with what you’re looking for!



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Hey @Nicolas R! Thanks so much for your question! Also, thank you so much for your solution, @stevenshyne! That is a great suggestion.

I would also be curious to know more about why you’re looking to create this segment and view this information, @Nicolas R. If I have a better understanding, perhaps I could help point you in the right direction. 

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on improving page metrics, and refinement by page view. That’s really valuable insight and I have shared it with our teams. 


Thanks @stevenshyne for your reply. I will add your suggestion as it still add more restriction, even though some users might still slip through the cracks. 😅

Ex : an user that entry through product/A (Entry Page = PDP) and then visited product/B before exiting (Exit Page = PDP) would be counted, while entering and exiting through two different urls


@lindsay The idea is to see the behavior of the users within this segment, that visits a product page and bounce, to find if they have some common characteristics (scroll depth, time on page, click map, interaction with features, dead/error clicks…) and test solutions to reduce the exit (bounce) rate after 1 product page ! 🙂

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Hey @Nicolas R! Thanks so much for following up with more context! 

If you’re looking to view the common characteristics of users who visit a product page and bounce in an effort to reduce this behaviour, I would also suggest looking at this article which goes over how to measure bounce rate. From there, you can utilize segment cards to see if there are any trends such as top browsers, top devices, and top referrers cards. 😊