Cumulative data from segments.

  • 9 January 2023
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I want monthly/weekly/daily cumulative data based on a specific event from a segment/session. For example, in a particular session from a segment, 5 user received “Some pop-up Error”. I want to see or send one email stating “Some pop-up error” occurred 5 times in this segment.

or another example,

10 users received 3 types of error during their sessions 1. ABC Error - thrice 2. MNO Error - Twice 3. XYZ Error - Once. What I want is to have a view/email or both to see the errors and their occurrences so that I can easy distinguished what type of errors are coming the most.

What FS is giving us to achieve the above requirement?  Can “Alert” be helpful here? 




5 replies

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Hi @Mranal Dubey Snap One lots of great ideas here! We have a client that has a similar need for daily/weekly/monthly errors and what errors they are, so we’ve set up some pretty slick, custom dashboards for them. There’s no real-time notifications for dashboards, but what is handy is any

Dashboards in FullStory has a unique URL and it can be downloaded as a PDF. You might need to build a process for your team manually sending those out to stakeholders.


Another option that’s more automated but less granular is setting up your FullStory Digest, which you can add (or remove) Segments with the toggle (see image below):


You can also change that to Daily, Weekly, or Off depending on your preferences, and that’s in Settings > Account Management > Notifications

Hope this helps!

Hi @stevenshyne ,

Thank you for this response. I would really like to know How to create such dashboard where I can see all the errors which occurred in a red toaster Message (Custom event)? Lets say, in a particular session, an user encountered with “Null Pointer Exception” which has occurred 4 times, so I want to see this data in a dashboard?

Is that possible to create a dashboard for us to have:

  1. Daily/Monthly/Weekly data from any segments based on the errors (Please note, error means the error text which user sees in a toaster message).

Fullstory digest (Which you have suggested above) does not seems to be useful for my requirements.

In addition to this, we were also trying to find out the errors after exporting data from this API (<SEARCH_EXPORT_ID>/results), again please note: we are searching for the error text not the div id or element id. When I export data from the above API I get this:

but I need to find out the error text, please see below snapshot from an error during an user session:

I need to have the error text which is “java.lang.NullPointerException” from export. How I can do that? 


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Hi @Mranal Dubey Snap One the first step in creating a dashboard like this is ensuring you have access to Watched Elements, which is available on FullStory Advanced and FullStory Enterprise plans. If you aren’t familiar with Watched Elements, here’s a help article from FullStory.

  1. Step 1: Declare watched elements to the banners/toast notifications of interest
  2. Step 2: Let data collect - Watched Elements are not retroactive so you’ll need a bit of time to pass, depending on traffic could be only a few days 
  3. Step 3: Build out a Dimensionality Card on your Dashboard

In the top area you’ll want to use [Watched Element] [element is] [<whatever you named your element>]

Then on the bottom area you’ll select your Segment (likely everyone) and do Group By: Text

That will give you the frequency with which text is showing for your declared notifications. That should set you on a path!

If you need additional help, I recommend sending a note to your Customer Service Manager at FullStory who can walk you through in more detail. If you need someone to just figure this out for you, we at CXperts can help with that too.

I am in Advanced Plan. I followed the steps but while creating element I am unable to check on Watch this Element box (Its available for enterprise plan).

It would be great if I can get a help from the team and if they can walk me through with this option before EOD today as the current plan is going to expire today (20th Jan 2023).


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Hi, @Mranal Dubey Snap One! 😊

I spoke with our team and heard they’ve gotten in touch with you. Please let me know if you have anymore questions in the meantime!