Defination for Session for Passive Apps.

  • 4 September 2023
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Hi Team,

My App is a kind of passive apps, it doesn’t have much buttons for user interaction, however it has webSocket connection which gives us frequent events and because of these events DOM Layout changes frequently. 

In this case will my session ends after 30 min ? as there might be the case that user hasn’t interacted with the app, but he/she is visually looking at all the Dom layout changes happening because of webSocket events.

Please help us here.

Aman kamar

1 reply

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Hey @Aman Kumar! Thanks so much for reaching out! 😊

That’s a great question! There’s a chance the session could end after 30 minutes, however, we still count things like mouse moves and dead clicks as user interactions. So, even though your app doesn’t have many buttons, depending on what the user is doing, your session may not time out. 

Please let me know if you have any other questions!