Developer best practices?

  • 25 April 2023
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Do any of you have any developer best practices you’d like to share? Like, a list of “rules” you give your devs when they’re coding things so that Full Story can be maximized? For example, we have toggles on a particular page on our site, and every one of them has the same CSS selector, so we can’t distinguish one from the other. I’d share with our devs “make sure each CSS selector is unique or has a unique element” so that we can report on one vs the other. Wondered if others had anything already done that they’d be willing to share.

3 replies

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Hey @Jeannine DeVries! Thanks so much for submitting this awesome question! 🔥

I would really love to hear what practices the developers in the Community have implemented!

As far as recommendations from FullStory, I would suggest looking into Client API which allows you to capture custom data in FullStory via a Javascript API. Some examples of these are FS.eventFS.identify, FS.setVars, and FS.setUserVars.

FS.event allows you to pull in your custom event data to identify and add more context to events occurring within a session. 

FS.identify allows FullStory to associate the current cookie with the user as your application uniquely knows them. 

FS.setVars allows you to send your own custom page names and properties to FullStory.

FS.setUserVars helps to capture custom user properties or integrate with external tools (such as help desk software).

I’m looking forward to hearing other developers’ suggestions! Please let me know if you have any other questions! 😊

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Hey @Jeannine DeVries I can add a few ideas to what @lindsay mentioned as well:

Code-First Privacy. For our clients who have non-impacted dev resources, we definitely recommend going through code-first privacy, which requires developers to install privacy rules directly into the code base. This makes it less brittle and more specific than CSS-based rules in FullStory app for some builds.

Aria Labels. Not only do aria labels support users who use accessibility devices, but Aria labels help FullStory by adding uniqueness to your CSS selectors, so to your comment above, this might be a top priority if you don’t have them instrumented already, as doing so will make your FS instance more usable it sounds like. is also a great resource to provide your developer friends so they can get their hands on technical documentation and example of code instrumentation. 

Best of luck out there!


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Thanks so much for contributing these awesome tips, @stevenshyne! ⭐