Finding out how many items added by customer

  • 22 November 2022
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I have an area on the site where customers can add credit cards. After adding a credit card each card is added as an <option> in a <select> element like this:

I know dropdown contents are not captured by FS since they technically don’t change the DOM...but since I would like to know the average number of cards added by customers, is there a way to “read” the size? as you can see on the image the number 4 shows the number of cards added to the field so I figured maybe that can be read, and I guess divided by the number of people clicking the “Add” button to get the average number? 🤔


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3 replies

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Hey @DataSeed99! Thanks for reaching out! 

Something you could do to get the average number of cards added by customers is use FS.event to pass that value to FullStory, then use Metrics afterwards to get the average. 😎

Please let me know if you have any other questions! 

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Thanks @lindsay I’m not familiar with using the API, and how we can pass an event to it. I’ll take a look at the link and probably need to talk to my Success manager to see how we can do this. @YaizaUX we may need to follow-up on this. 😁


@DataSeed99 Thanks for including me in the loop! I will to follow-up on this.
I’m not familiar with using the API either so definitely we will need to talk to our Success manager to see how we can do this.