Funnel where a user clicks an element v doesn't click

  • 17 October 2023
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I have a funnel where I want to measure the impact of the Read Reviews element on product pages.


I have a funnel for product page then Clicked text of Read Reviews then the revenue impact from this.

How do I have the same funnel but specifically for those who don’t click the Read Reviews element?

2 replies

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Hi @JLarter , 

This kind of analysis proves most of our hypothesis regarding the product decision we made and also to see the impact. 

For these kind of question, i usually use combination of journey & funnel feature in fullstory, it can be done using both. 

Using Funnel : Create two funnel, one funnel as mentioned above with review clicked , so it will have something like Page visit → review click → purchased and another funnel without the middle step which looks like Page visit → purchased, different between the number will show you the people who purchased without review.  If you divide this by total page visit user then you will get the respective conversion rate. 

Using Journey : Create a journey using the page visit, in event type select events/elements based on the requirement, before that create clicking review button as event/element, so that it will appear in journey. Then you can clearly see the split between the session as shown in the below snippet. and use the view as feature to see it as funnel or segment. 

Although there is funnel step called clicked → text → is not/does not contain word → element, but it works for the ideal flow where user doesn’t click anywhere after the previous step, which is not the kind of user behavior in our cases, so i use the above trick to get this info.

Hope this helps.


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@JLarter I have another idea for you … maybe it’ll work maybe it wont:

There could be users who get to reviews but not click “read reviews” perhaps - what about deploying a Watched Element on a specific review element (maybe the review body copy?) so you can see if users are getting to that area? It might also help you understand if users click “read reviews” but do something else (u turn or close a modal or something?). Just a thought - best of luck!