Global versus User specific links/URLs

  • 11 January 2023
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One of the features of the app I’m working on allows users to send/share a link to a non-user and have them complete a recommendation. 


Currently, the links are unique to the user that sent them. However, we need to be able to track the total number of completed recommendations and track the user flows, and not have FullStory track 1 user’s link. 


Is using the “matches” convention with ** the best way to accomplish this in order to track all sessions that get to a particular page?


9 replies

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Hi @david I think you’re on the right track – working with limited knowledge, it sounds like you might have URLs like:


You can use [URL] [matches] and do something like [*/unique-dashboard} to find all visits to those types of pages, not just the uniquely generated ones. 

You could also instrument those as Pages (either manually or through code base), which will give you more options within FullStory to analyze Page behavior.

Here’s a help article on Pages in FullStory for more info.

Hope that helps!

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Hey @david! 😊 Thanks so much for reaching out! 

Something to consider here, is whether the elements in the flow have the same CSS selectors regardless of the URL. If that’s the case, it could be as simple as putting those into a standard funnel and tracking from there. It may help to start the funnel with a visited URL contains event for some part of the URL that stays the same and accounts for the flow. 

As for using matches, you may want to consider has substring instead. 

Please let me know if you have anymore questions!

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Thanks for sharing those awesome suggestions @stevenshyne! It looks like your answer came through just moments before I posted mine, ha! 😎

Looks like you’ve got quite a few options to work with here, @david! As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 


@stevenshyne @lindsay thanks for the thoughts, super helpful!

@lindsay - for the CSS selectors - one thing that I’ve run into with CSS selectors is that if the same code is used on buttons across pages, FS will end up pulling sessions that aren’t specific to where I’m looking. 

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@david Jumping in for Lindsay here! If you have CSS Selectors that aren’t unique across pages, you could also use the “Refine event by...” option to get specific about what you’re looking for as you build your funnel.

For example, let’s say you have a Checkout Button across your site, but you’re only interested in clicks from a special Promo Page. This setup would narrow in on only those clicks.

The “Refine event by...” icon is outlined in pink. 

To go one step further, you could also save this configuration as an event if it is one you’ll likely use again in the future. Click the vertical ellipses and choose “Define event...” to quickly save it in your account. Then, you can look it up by name in the future!

How to define an event


@megan - hi Megan,


That’s helpful. Diving deeper into everyone’s suggestions, I found the real acute issue I’m having. 

Basically, I’m looking to track a completion metric as defined by a user visiting the “final page” in a flow. In this instance it is a URL ending with

That being said, there’s a unique user identifier between the “global” page indicator and the completion page, I need to capture all instances when a user enters a page that starts with a particular URL and gets to the

is there a simple way to do this? 

so to illustrate: 

This is the Completed URL

The global portion/page is the (before the unique user ID)

I need to capture all users who get to page 4 but it not be specific to the one user. 

i know that’s a complex question but, hope it makes sense

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Hey, @david! Jumping back in here! 😊

Thanks for taking a look through the above suggestions and sharing more details on what you’re looking to do! After reviewing this again, I am curious to know whether creating a metric with the event as “Visited URL has substring” has worked or not. The reason I’m checking back in on this suggestion is because this option only needs part of the URL to match your search, which seems like the goal you’re trying to achieve here. All the other parts of the URL, including the specific user id, are essentially ignored if the URL has "page4" in it. Because of this, all users who went to a URL containing page4 will be included, not just one specific user. 😊

Please let me know if “has substring” works, or if you have any questions about this suggestion. I am also happy to connect you with a Standard Customer Success Manager to walk through this with you if that’s something of interest to you!

Looking forward to hearing back from you David! We’ll make sure we find a solution for you!



Hi @lindsay thanks for jumping back in. The problem with the substring option is that other pages will also have the =page4 as an ending and i need the sessions pulled to be specific to this particular user flow/page in the experience. 


I’d be open to meeting a CSM!

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No problem, @david! Thanks for sharing that information as well. 

I’m glad to hear you’re open to continuing the conversation with a CSM! You can book a 1:1 conversation with them by heading to the Help menu in your FullStory account and selecting “customer success office hours”. 










As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any other questions!