Google BigQuery Data Destination Connection error

  • 10 January 2023
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I am using Google BigQuery Data Destination and have shared the BQ dataset with service account and BQ Admin access. The table is created inside dataset but no data is flowing and I am getting Auth Error on Fullstory. May I know what is it that I am doing wrong. BQ Admin has both the roles Editor and JOb User as mentioned in the documentation.


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@Abhishek This sounds like a great question for the FullStory support team to handle. I’d send an email to with your org ID, an overview (like the one above), and any other screenshots or details to get them going. Best of luck!

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Hi @Abhishek! Thanks so much for reaching out! 

@stevenshyne is correct in that this is a job for our support team, but luckily they were able to look into this and found that the issue you’re experiencing is due to not having proper permission set up for the service account which you can reference here. Please grant the service account with the bigquery.jobUser role in that project cadre-data-warehouse and this should resolve the issue! 😊 Please let me know if you are still experiencing any problems and we can look into this further! 

In the future, should we need to bring a question to our support team for further investigation, you can definitely submit a ticket yourself or I can submit a ticket on your behalf as well right from your post. 😎

Hi @stevenshyne and @lindsay,

Thank you for the prompt response. I modified the service account permission and started the data flow. If this doesn’t work, I’ll connect with support on the given email with more details.

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Sounds great, @Abhishek