granting account permission to a single segment of users

  • 26 October 2022
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Hello Community, 

I’d like to grant account permissions for our partners to specific segment of users that is relevant for this parter. It’s important to avoid full access to all other users segments. 
How (and can ) I do in Fullstory? 


5 replies

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Hi @Gila! Welcome to the Community! 😊

Thanks for reaching out! There isn’t currently a way to allow a user to view a specific segment of users. One way you can share limited data with users is by adding them as a Guest seat. This would allow them to view a link to a specific session without having access to the rest of FullStory or any additional data, but that may not be what you’re looking to do today.

I would love to learn a bit more about why you’re looking to share this specific segment of users with this partner. Once I have more information, it may help determine a solution or opportunity for a feature request! 😎

Looking forward to hearing more, @Gila

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Hi @Gila!

I’d also like to add that you can share a Segment Export with your partner. This allows you to export data including user behaviour from a particular user segment and share it with your partner. It would be outside of the FullStory UI, but that would prevent them from seeing any other user segments. 

Hope this helps! 😊

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Hi @Gila IDK if this is something that would help, but perhaps you could piggyback on the FullStory Digest to solve your problem.

If your partner is looking to only consume information from FullStory and won’t need to actually manipulate the data, could you 1. Add the segments with the data that you need to your Digest and 2. screenshot or build a forwarding rule with the key Segment information? 

You can change your Digest to send Daily instead of Weekly too in case your partner needs information more rapidly than weekly. Keep us posted on this!

Thanks @stevenshyne I tried your suggestion. I set it to include the relevant segment only (removed all other segments via settings) The main issue is that the digest contains high level data that is relevant for the whole account such as active users etc. that I don’t think I can edit. I specifically don’t want to share this type of information. 
So, I have another question - this specific user segment are logged in to a slight different instance of our platform. it has a bit different address. Can we install a new FullStory account on this instance only? that means that I’ll have our main FullStory account installed on our main platform, tracking all users (including the special one), and another full story account, installed on this specific instant, tracking that one only. (the special instance will be tracked by the current FullStory account and the new one) 

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Hey @Gila I have a “maybe” for you - if users are logging into this instance and they are on a subdomain like you totally could spin up a completely separate instance in FullStory to silo off the data. 

Sounds like based on what you laid out you may be double consuming sessions, with FullStory creating a segment for the main account and another for the subdomain account, but if you’re okay with that then it’s a non-issue.

As for spinning up a new instance, you can do that easily with Umbrella Management, which is an Enterprise feature. If you don’t have that you’ll want to talk to your Account Executive - here’s a link to learn more LINK

Hope this helps!