How does FS define "Exit Page"?

As per the title. I am using this instruction to create top exit pages. but when I watch the sessions, users are not “exiting i.e. not terminating session”. Instead, it shows session where the user visited certain page then progresses on. This is not an “exit” to me. 🤔

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Hey @Frances in the User and Event filter ‘dictionary’, Exit Page is described as “Refines your search by the page the user ended their session on.”

Exits can be session termination (closing the tab) or they could be session inactivity but it is listing the pages users were on, when their session ended. 

For example, when watching the session, if you go to the end of their session like so, you should see the page matches where they ‘exited’. 

You can also filter it by the page here

Hopefully that clarifies, if it still doesn’t look right with the above context and you want us to take a look, please feel free to reply with a link to a session 😊

Right, guess it doesn’t work with our specific integration of a single page experience. We have one page that covers all experience with custom events to segment sub-experiences. Are there any other ways to define “user ending session”  that I can apply to custom events? In all, I want to see which what are the last events (or last custom event) before session terminating. 

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@Frances I wonder if maybe a Journey that explores Ends With and Most Common Exit Pages or Events would be helpful to you, this way you can see which events (not just pages) are contributing to users ending their sessions:

Hope this helps! 🚀