How to count users who change selections on a dropdown menu.?

Is there a way to search for users who make more than one selection on the same dropdown? We have a dropdown where additional information appears after a selection is made. IN session replay, I do see that some users change their selection at least once after viewing the additional information. I’d like to count:

  • How many people do change their selection?
  • How many times do individual people change their selection?

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Hey @kdobroth! Thanks for reaching out! 😊

You can search for users who make more than one selection in the same dropdown by creating a Segment and applying our new 'Occurrence' filter depending on how these selectors are formatted. Here's what that would look like:

This will get you the answer to your first question, showing you how many users change their selection and their sessions etc. 

Finding out how many times people change their selection may be a bit trickier to achieve. So that I can provide you with the best solution, I'd love it if you could please share some more insight into your use case. What problem are you hoping to solve by filtering for the number of times a user changed their selection?

Once I have this information, I can help point you in the right direction here. Looking forward to learning more!

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Hi @kdobroth when I hear someone ask “how many people do X” or “How many times do people do X” that makes me immediately think about Metrics.

I would create a new Metric and first select Unique Users and Event might be [Change] or [Clicked] depending on your elements, like this:

example data

For your second question re: how many times do individual people change their selection, you could add an operator like divide, and change your numerator to Events and denominator being Users, with the Event Filter being the same for both, and doing so you’ll find out an average of how often a user is doing that event: 

example data

Hope that helps! 🚀