How to export data from a dimensionality card?

  • 1 February 2023
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I have a dimensionality card that is listing all the keywords customers searched that returned a no-results page...since I can only see 5 at that time (maybe give me the option to see all ;) I wonder how can I export that data to an excel file so I can classify, filter, etc. The card is using a custom event, but the ‘Group by’ is using ‘URL Query - where the parameter is q’ I was thinking to create a segment with those metrics since I can see you can export data from a segment, but I don’t see how I could replicate my metrics in a segment 🤔

1 reply

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Hey @DataSeed99! Thanks for reaching out! 😊

Dimensionality cards and their exports only provide the top 50 values, and I’m afraid there isn’t a way to increase this value and export more at this time. I will send up a product feedback request on your behalf to our team with the option to view all. 

Something you can try is creating a segment like the one below, create a data export from that segment, then look for the “change” event in the “Event Type” column within the Data Export.

Please let me know if you have any other questions after giving that a shot!