Is it possible to add a custom event property for all events of a session with the API

  • 13 February 2023
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I would like to track the version of our app in fullstory. I realised I couldn’t add it as a user property because a single user can change version over time and we want to compare those periods of time.

I wonder if the API have a sort of addEventProperty that could add a value for all events of the actual session.




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3 replies

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Hey @Gauthier! Thanks for your question! 

You are correct that sending it over as a user property wouldn’t work for what you’re looking to accomplish. I would recommend using FS.event, which would allow you to tie your app version to each user session instead of on the user object. 😊

Please let me know if you have any other questions! 

Thank you for this answer, 
So I created a single event (just after the snippet) that contains the version used by the user and then created some user segments based on users who used a version excluding sessions with a different version.

My problem now is that I cannot filter graphs with version segment and any other segment unless I create a new segment.

Is there another way to do this ?


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Hey @Gauthier! 😊

Thanks for trying that out and reporting back! So that I have a better understanding of what you’re looking to accomplish here, could you please share more information on why you’re looking to filter graphs? Are you looking to compare graphs between different versions?