Is it possible to add multiple operators for a metrics

  • 21 February 2023
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Hello everyone,

To create a cart abandonment rate metrics, I would like to do a formula with more than one operator : 

1 - (Users completing an order / Users adding a product to cart)

Is there a way to add more than one operator to create these kind of metrics ?

Thanks a lot,



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5 replies

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Hey @Nicolas R! Thanks for reaching out! 😊

You are not able to add more than one operator to a metric, but there may be another solution to what you’re looking to achieve! I see you’ve listed Users completing an order / Users adding a product to cart, what other operator are you looking to add?

Once I have a bit more information here, I can help point you in the right direction. 

Thanks and chat soon!

Hello @lindsay, thanks for your answer ! 

My point is that by doing Users completing an order / Users adding a product to cart, I get a completion rate (% of users who completed the order when adding a product to cart). While, what I would want to see is the abandonment rate (the opposite), so I would need to add another operator (1 - completion rate)

Do you have any workaround ?

Thanks for your help.


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Hi @Nicolas R so I wonder if this would my case I’m using the custom event API when users complete an order we fired a revenue event divided by when users click the buy button (add product to cart) in the single metric card I can use the division operator and that get me a percentage which is the completion rate of 58% that would mean 42% did not complete the process (abandonment rate) I could also verify this in a funnel and see the breakdown of users completing one step as well as the percentage not completing the that waht you’re looking for?


Hey @DataSeed99,

Thanks for your reply !

Actually, I was looking to have that 42% in my dashboard, but I think I'll settle for this 58% 🙂 

Thanks both of you.


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Hey @Nicolas R! I’m glad @DataSeed99 could help you out with this one- thanks! 😄

Oh wow a completion rate to strive for! 🚀 Please let me know if you have anymore questions!