Let's talk Dashboards!

  • 2 December 2022
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Hi Folks,

Been busy building dashboards over the last month or so (it’s a lot of fun). I’ve gotten a bunch of ideas from the following articles, and also from the Dashboards for Product Managers webinar:

Product Analytics Dashboard

Mobile Apps

Marketing Dashboard

Customer Engagement

I’m curious to know what else are you all tracking? What Dashboards have you built, and why? And any cool cards or metrics that you would care to share, I’m open to more thoughts and ideas

4 replies

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I love this prompt @PaulieOLithic! Thank you for posting!

The FullStory Cookbook is an excellent resource for Dashboard inspiration.😊 I’ll be keeping my eyes on this thread as I’m also curious to find out what everyone’s building and tracking right now! 👀

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@PaulieOLithic we’ve built dashboards to:


  • Monitor the number of pages with no results
  • Monitor when we get 404 pages, this is a dashboard that has card for each country/domain so is a big dashboard but give us an idea when 404 pages spike as well as having alerts created when 404 pages reach certain threshold
  • We have dashboards created to track performance of marketing campaigns as well as marketing pages
  • And of course we have dashboard for each current and past project...we use FS as an exploratory tool some dashboards are mainly focus on research and others are focus on evaluating projects after release

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for the links - does FullStory have a dashboard sharing function, where prolific dashboard creators (not me) could post templates/designs for dashboards that they’ve built, so that the time-starved among us (me) can draw from their brilliance?

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Hey @rcadden! 😊 I’m so glad you were able to use @PaulieOLithic’s links! I really love this thread as a resource for sharing!

We do not have this function currently, but I must say, that is a brilliant idea and perhaps something I can spark up here in the Community! Thank you for your idea! We are aware that dashboard templates are a need for our users, and our teams are working on improving this. 

We do have other resources you can tap into such as the FullStory Cookbook which has many dashboard examples and instructions to choose from. We also have our wonderful How to Build Dashboards workshop series which includes great examples of dashboards based on different persona’s. You can watch the recordings of these webinars by heading to Events, selecting a past event that you’d like to watch, and scrolling down to the threaded “Event Recap” post attached which includes highlights and the recordings. 😄 We’ve got more events in the works that will help with this so stay tuned by subscribing to our News and Announcements page!