Measuring Engagement - Best Practices

  • 23 February 2023
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So I have a dumb question, lol if I want to measure engagement of my global search feature, would you use Events or Unique Users?

  1. Events: Clicked search button / Events Visited any page
  2. Unique users: Clicked search button / Unique Users Visits to any page

Option 1 or 2? 

I understand that difference between unique users and events and how FS interprets the two….I’m just curious as to how others prefer to use Events vs. Unique users and why?


3 replies

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hey @DataSeed99  I think both would be interesting insights - here’s some thought starters:

  • how often are users searching in a session ( search event by event / search event by session)?
  • Do some users prefer search over other methods of discovery/exploration? (% of Users who Search)
  • Are those who use search more likely to convert?

Hope this helps!

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Hey @DataSeed99! First of all, there are no dumb questions here. 😊 This is the place to ask ALL the questions! Especially ones like this where we ask for other Community members opinions! 

I love @stevenshyne’s thoughts here as well- thank you for sharing!

Something I will add is the Events option would allow you to understand the volume of clicks. Since a unique user can trigger the same event multiple times in one session, and not all clicks wouldn't be accounted for if you’re just looking at the number of unique users. You could also add events per session or events per user, allowing you to analyze the average number of events per user as well!

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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nice @stevenshyne how would you go about finding the 3rd one...more likely to convert? I’m thinking a funnel and then take that into the conversions for further analysis?