Methods of blocking internal users other than IP address?

  • 7 September 2023
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Hi FS community,
Issue is that when I test certain key journeys, our testers are also doing the same, and I regularly find their videos when I’m looking at instances of users doing these journeys (the data therefore skewed). However, the testers IP address regularly changes, many times a day. Is there any way of blocking them otherwise? Can VPNs be blocked?

4 replies

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Hey @Nick W! Thanks for reaching out!

If you're looking to block your testers sessions from ever being captured, there are a few options available to you:

  1. Your testers could potentially leverage our FS.shutdown and FS.restart APIs to conditionally deploy your data capture snippet. They would need a way to identify your internal users before the fs.js script loads onto the page. Ultimately, you'll want your developer team to decide on how feasible this option is to implement. 
  2. Alternatively, your QA team users can opt-out of having their sessions captured by FullStory entirely from this page: It's important to note that this option will add a specific "opt out cookie" to their client device that will prevent data capture by FullStory globally at any site they visit. However, this is only specific to the device they're currently on, and if they clear their cookies, it will no longer apply and they'll have to opt out again.

Do you think you’d be able to implement one of these options? If not, please let me know and I can look into some additional options for you! 

Don’t hesitate to reach out should you have anymore questions. 😊


Thank you Lindsay that was really helpful

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Hey @Nick W! Glad to hear it was helpful! 

Feel free to reach out any time! 😊

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Hey Nick 👋

Steven here with CXperts, we work with a number of clients managing their FullStory platform and regularly extracting insights and recommendations on their behalf. We run up against this a LOT so in addition to what Lindsay mentioned we have a few other ideas for you:

  1. Lower Domains. This might be “too easy” of a solution, but if you have UAT or lower-domain environments that your internal users are using you can easily block those from being recorded or filter them out in your segments. To block them from creating sessions at all, you’ll find this in Settings > Data Capture and the “Capture data by domain” sections
  2. Data Layer Variable. We’ve had some clients who have robust development resources be able to instrument a data layer variable – I think it was setting a user var (FS.SetUserVars documentation) to add a property to the user if they were internal or not (likely when authenticating) and then you can easily filter out users that way in Segments - this wasn’t it but it could be a boolean that you send through as a “True/False” for “isInternalUser”

Hope this helps and good luck!