Metrics: Divide event data by an organizational trait?

Hi, I’m trying to use metrics as follows but am getting stuck.

On my app, I have Users that belong to Organizations, and within those Organizations there are Projects.

Users take actions in the app, which we send to Full Story as Custom Events using the API. And it’s easy to find things like how many times Event X happened, segmented by Organization. That’s all good.

On the other side, I want to be able to divide the number of times Event X happened, by the number of Projects in that User’s Organization. Because my customer Organizations have varying numbers of projects and I want to “normalize” their Event X activity based on how many Projects they have.

I tried sending up the count of Projects as a trait of the user - User.organizationProjectCount. I can see this coming through on the user’s profile correctly.

However, when trying to divide these things in the metrics, it only looks like I can divide a count of Events by another count of Events. I found where I can “filter” the events down based on a Unique Property, but that doesn’t seem to get where I want.

Any ideas?



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Welcome to the Community, @rabbet! We’re glad you’re here. This is definitely a tricky one. I’ve mocked up a metric below that should do the trick–count of events divided by a unique property (projects in a user’s org). Try that out and let me know what you think! Happy to keep brainstorming with you here. 



Thanks for the reply @megan , I gave this a try but it doesn’t seem to be doing the right thing.

Assuming you meant to put the same “Your Event” there - (my custom API event) in both sections, in a test my # of events from the top is 3, which is correct. The number of Projects in the organization is >300. So I would expect the division to give me around 1%. However it just gives me the number 3 as the answer:


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Hey @rabbet! Jumping in for @megan here! 😊

Is it giving you an incorrect outcome or are you specifically looking for a percentage? If the issue is that you’re looking for a percentage, you can select format at the bottom of the metric and make sure you select a percentage option. 

If that is not providing the answer you’re looking for, please let me know and I’d be happy to help find a solution for you!