Non-Linear Funnel?

  • 22 February 2023
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I’m trying to build out funnels for some key clients that are lead-gen focused. 

I have the “Form Submission” funnel, which is just two steps - did they get to the form, and did they submit the form. 

HOWEVER, I also have “Full” form funnels setup, because I want to be able to see the drop-off - how far into the contact form did they get before they gave up and exited. 

However, after comparing the two funnels, I’m seeing some discrepancies which seem to stem from two issues, both tied to the linear requirement of funnels:

  1. Users who have autofill turned on, when that autofill doesn’t have information for all of my fields. For instance, if the fields are First Name, Last Name, Professional Title, and then Email. First Name, Last Name, and Email get updated by the autofill, and then they manually update Professional Title. However, this means they went out of order, and it looks like they dropped off after Last Name (because Email was updated next, instead of Professional Title). 
    1. This is also problematic because the total number of form submissions won’t match between the two funnels - in the “Full” funnel, they’re not counting as having completed the funnel, even though they eventually submitted the form. 
  2. Users who complete the form out of order (for whatever reason). Similar to the above, but not due to autofill. Some people, it turns out, are just random in how they complete forms. Same issue with #1 above, though - it results in funky looking data that’s not entirely accurate. 

Any suggested solutions?

1 reply

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Hey @rcadden! 😊

Thanks for your question! After reviewing your post here, I do have some thoughts that come to mind.

My first thought would be to consider making your funnel a bit less granular to accommodate for different entry order and autofill. You could achieve this by applying some “or” rules to your funnel event filters. @stevenshyne posted a great tip highlighting the benefits of using “or” filters in this post here!

This process may require a bit of strategy, so I would also suggest signing up for an Office Hours session with one of our awesome Customer Success Manager’s if you’d like someone to help walk you through these steps. You can sign up for a session by selecting the “help” icon in the top right corner of FullStory and selecting “Customer success office hours”.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!