Precise Geolocation or IP Whitelisting.

  • 30 January 2024
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Is it possible to dramatically narrow recorded sessions by City size Geolocation or an IP range of a specific customer? 

5 replies

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Hi @TomcrowleyICE , thanks for reaching out and great question!

You should be able to filter sessions when you refine a search filter using this button:

This would allow you to add Dependent Criteria to Event Filters, including IP address or City / State / Country. In the case of IP address you can use the Bulk Edit option to add up to 500 values, or other filter options such as “starts with”.

You mentioned you’re looking for activity for a particular customer - I just wanted to note that typically additional properties (such as a customer ID or name) are added when the user is identified using FS.identify, or the FS.setVars API, which may be something to check if your company is using.

Does this help get you closer to what you were looking for?

Are any of these setting applied before the sessions are recorded? We have a massive number of sessions that will burn through our recording allotment but only want to focus a specific area.

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Hi @TomcrowleyICE ! Thanks for your reply.

If you want to limit data capture based on IP address or geolocation, that is definitely possible in FullStory. More on this here: Will I be able to block specific sessions from being captured?

Keep in mind, our geolocation blocking capabilities only allow you to block sessions by region, not by specific city.

Let us know if you have any other questions we can assist you with.

Are we able to use IP address to only allow certain IPs instead of blocking them? 


Hi @TomcrowleyICE ! Thank you for the follow up question.

At the moment, our IP address offering is only to block sessions. There are two options that are more granular in which sessions can be captured instead of blocked would be using our domain and location options:

Hope that helps!