query unique identifiers in url

  • 3 January 2023
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I want to create a metric to see  sessions by URL but we have unique user id’s in our URL. I am querying by wildcard where the ID is but the metric doesn’t sum by feature.


the url structure is …/site/user id/product/feature. 


So what I want is to see a chart of sessions for feature like  time view, benchmarking, etc. where time view sessions are all users



3 replies

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Hi@Markcook! Hmm, I see. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to group your dimensionality card by just one portion of your path (/feature). I think your best bet would be to create unique metrics for each of the features you’d like to track, though I know that’s not ideal. In the meantime, I’m going to pass this use case along to our product team now so that it’s on their radar for the future. 

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One other thought for you @Markcook - Pages might be helpful here, depending on how you’d like to structure the info in your account! Here’s more information on Page setup and the ins-and-outs.

Thank you both. Will try those methods