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Hello, I’m looking to dynamically link to Fullstory session replays. I’m having a hard time understanding all the parameters in the URL. E.g.:!5231891709808640(9087122381223882026(114326:119914):7090615364074524635(56277:60315):6686149123103872250(78004:86303):8179718857902043302(83996:87958):8095891796234652261(24281:30103):339817377907299333(25701):460996610961765399(15080):4839879681004376180(16097:24234):3061820048520633102(15854:19724):2666871292265889534(20631:24647):4286602104151011894(18594:22113):8663433253039758961(3419:7209)))
Can anyone help me understand how I could dyanmicall populate this? 

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Hi @rdpom instead of using the browser-provided link, I’m wondering if using the console command of FS.getCurrentSessionURL might be an easier approach to use. I’m not totally sure of your use case but it’s a dream come true for grabbing FS sessions and sending to other data sources. 

Hey Steven,


That doesn’t immediately work for me. The use case is that we’re piping FS data into a BI tool to do analytics. We want to then be able to dynamically link back to FS sessions so be able to review events highlighted through our analytics. 
Is this possible? 




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Hey @rdpom! Thanks so much for your question! 😊

I’m afraid we don’t have an option for you to achieve what you’re looking to do yourself, but @stevenshyne’s suggestion of FS.getCurrentSessionURL is a very good alternative! I know you mentioned this doesn’t work for your use case, but I wanted to share one more link of information that might be aligned with what you’re looking to do. I would suggest checking out the Knowledge Base article, Roll Your Own Integration.

Please let me know if that article seems more fitting to your goals here or if you have any other questions! 

So just to confirm there is no way to construct a Fullstory session URL outside of FS.getCurrentSessionURL? 



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Hey @rdpom! 😊

Other than FS.getCurrentSessionURL(), you could call FS.getCurrentSession() which would just give you the ID’s and not the full URL. You could then use the ID’s to programmatically create the URL on your end.

These are the only ways to get the session URLs from your browser. 

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Hey Lindsay, what would the the format be? I have the session ID, which has a format similar to this:


But it’s not clear to me how to programically generate the session URL, such as the example above, using the session ID, and with the time of a particular event

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Hey @rdpom

To programmatically create the URL, you would want to use something like + the IDs, which is the same thing you would get with the FS.getCurrentSessionURL() call.

Alternatively, you could use + OrgID + / + the IDs and get the Org ID by referencing the _fs_org value.

With the FS.getCurrentSessionURL(true) call, it would link to the specific timestamp in the session at the time you make the call to get the session URL, which isn't possible with just FS.getCurrentSession().

I hope this helps provide some clarity! So that I have a better understanding of your use case, would you be open to providing more information as to why you aren’t able to use FS.getCurrentSessionURL() at this time?

Thanks and looking forward to hearing back!



Hey Lindsay, appreciate all the help! I’m still finding myself blocked.


I’m looking to create a link back to Fullstory in Metabase. We are piping FS data into Snowflake using Stitch - which is why I can’t use the FS.getCurrentSessionURL() function. 


The session_id format is very different in what I’m seeing. Resulting in a url like:


Do you have any other suggestions? I hope the extra context may help. Ty! 

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Hey @rdpom! Thanks so much for sharing that context, that’s really helpful! 😊

If you have the userId and sessionId values, you can use those to generate the session URL:

Please let me know if this helps! 

Gotcha! Thanks Lindsay! 


I think I might be looking at the wrong user_id, I’m seeing that is returned as an email from fullstory. E.g. 


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Hey @rdpom! Thank you for sharing that!

It looks as though the data model is slightly different in Snowflake. So, the device_id should correspond to what would be called the userId in a "regular" data export. 😊

Hope this helps!

Ah amazing!! Thank you!! (and sorry for all the back and forth)


That does work for me now. Finaly question, is it possible to add time information then too? Similar to the url in the original message above, I’d love to be able to have a url which opens to the specific time the event occurred. If possible thank you! 


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Hey @rdpom! I’m so glad to hear it works for you now! 🎉 No worries about the back and forth- I’m glad we were able to figure it out!

As far as adding time information, I'm afraid we don’t include time-specific IDs in the data you use for this method. 

Please let me know if you have any other questions! 😊