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  • 20 October 2023
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Hi there.

When FullStory loads the javascript for each iframe on a page, do each of those count as a separate session?

For example, on a page where there are 10 ads in iframes and FullStory loads the .js file once for each iframe, does that count as 10 additional sessions against our budget? Or does this all count as a single session because it’s all on one page?

I want to make sure that we don’t blow our budget on such pages.


4 replies

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Hi @Henry C! Thanks for reaching out. The answer depends on your specific setup. This article goes over the ins-and-outs, but I’ll summarize the bullets here:

  • If the outer page and all of the iframes are running on the same domain, those should all capture to the same session! 
  • If the outer page is running FullStory, but your iframes are running on a different domain, you can capture them all to the same session (requires configuration). 
  • If the outer page does not run FullStory, and you want to a capture a page that runs in an iframe, each iframe would be captured in its own session (requires configuration). 

There are two other scenarios in that doc as well, but they’re not as common, so I’ve just included the top three above 😊

Thanks for the info! We have pages that have ads delivered as iframes. We noticed that the JS is automatically loaded for each of those iframes. I understand that that is expected. . So if we have 12 ads on the page, we see that the fullstory JS is loaded 12 times. The contents of the ads are coming from an ad server that is not our own domain. In this scenario, do we end up “spending” 13 sessions?

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You’re welcome, @Henry C! That sounds like scenario #2 to me, which would capture all of the activity to one single session so long as you’ve completed the configuration steps here:

That said, if you’re seeing something different in FullStory, our Support Team could certainly take a look for you! I’d be happy to spin up a ticket - just let me know if needed.

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Ok! I’m going to open one up just to be safe here - expect to hear from our Support team via email shortly :)