Total Clicks vs User Clicked

  • 11 October 2023
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Might I know the difference between Total Clicks and User Clicked please?

2 replies

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Hi Daniel, I believe the difference is the amount of UNIQUE users that clicks on the element (User Clicks) vs the amount of total occurrences that the element was clicked. 


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Hi @Daniel LI ,

I hope @drozo already answered your question. 

To add on to that, in heatmap couple of things which i take insights are as follows.

  • Page views - It shows the total traffic on the page
  • Median time on page - Shows 50% of your users spend how much time in the page
  • Users - It shows unique user count 
  • Clicks - Total number of clicks by all users

Based on this, we calculate the following :

  • Page Views/User
  • Clicks/User
  • Clicks/Page view

It get's more interesting when you change the click type to "Dead Clicks", "Error clicks", "Rage clicks". Then you can calculate the following metrics:

  • % of (Dead or Error or Rage) clicks = Total (dead or error or rage) clicks/clicks 
  • (Dead or Error or Rage) clicks / Page Views
  • and many more

Example : In the snippet below, it tells that, in the last 7 days our page had 141.3K page visit by total of 3.8K unique users and they had total of 3.8M clicks on the page.