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We have a pretty key drop down menu on our product page that I want to track. I want to create a heatmap where I see how the clicks are distributed across the dropdown options for sessions where this menu was opened. Any idea how I can configure this?

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Hey @Gmac! Thank you so much for your question! 😊

At this time, it’s not possible to create a Heatmap for a specific part of a page. Heatmaps will show the top 25 clicked elements on the page so, depending on how often these menu items are interacted with, you may not see click data for these menu items in your Heatmap.

I recommend creating dimensionality card to view how people are interacting with your dropdown menu. If the selectors for each of the menu items on your dropdown menu are unique, you could create Named Elements for each of those items, then create a metric to filter for clicks on that page. You can then sort your metric results by "Element/CSS selector" and check the box to only show Named Elements. If the selectors on your menu items are not unique, you'll want to look at utilizing Element Attributes and then follow the same steps listed above.

Please let me know if you have any more questions as I am happy to help!

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@Gmac We’ve worked with clients that have huge dropdown menus and one solution we’ve come up with is isolating the CSS related to the dropdown like .nav-menu or something and then using a Metric for Users that Click CSS is .nav-menu and explore that with a Dimensionality Filter Grouped by Text:

This will give you that list view of your most clicked nav items, which might be the insight that you’re looking for. 

💡 Note: if your site is responsive you may have different nav for mobile, so you may want to investigate that and include a separate view for mobile and/or a combined view for mobile and desktop like this: 

Hope this helps get to the insight that you’re looking for! 🚀

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Thanks for this awesome suggestion and insight @stevenshyne! ⭐🙌⭐


That’s really helpful thanks @stevenshyne