Umbrella Level Dashboard

  • 12 January 2023
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I’m implementing Fullstory across our full roster of web clients at our agency, which means I have 46+ accounts under our umbrella. 


It’s … a lot to manage. As I’m working through configuring each client/account, I thought it would also be cool to be able to have a dashboard that’s able to “see” high-level metrics across my clients/accounts. 

This would be especially useful for my web team, as they could have a single view showing which clients have the most weekly dead clicks, for instance. 

Naturally, they would still need to go into that specific client/account in order to review, but it would give them a single place where they could see “OK, I have 10 clients with 5,000+ weekly rage clicks” to help them prioritize. 

1 reply

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Hi @rcadden! Welcome to the Community, and thanks for posting. Totally understand the pain here, and I wish I had an easy solution for you. I’ve passed your use case along internally to our Product Manager who focuses on umbrella orgs and solving challenges like this one, and I’ll certainly let you know if I hear of any other tricks that might help in the meantime!