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  • 1 August 2023
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Hi!I read the article about watched elements, but my question is about CSS or text based watched elements. Does this css or watched element need to have been used in the creation of a watched element?I'm trying to create a funnel with 3 basic steps, the last one is based on the CSS of the watched element, but it doesn't seem to work. It should work?





3 replies

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Hey @Celia.hegi! Thanks so much for your question!

A CSS selector or text that’s used for a Watched Element event has to have been configured as a Watched Element. If you used a CSS selector or text in the "Watched Element" event that hadn't been configured as a Watched Element, it would return 0 results. Also, when adding a Watched Element, it won’t be retroactive. 

I hope it comes as no surprise that we also use FullStory on FullStory, so I was able to check out the funnel you were using with a Watched Element. It looks like it wasn't being watched until this morning, so you just may not have had any instances of it being seen yet! 😊

Please let me know if you have any other questions as I’d be happy to help!

Hi Lindsay,

Thank you for answer.

Finally, I decided to make the element we have in a watched element, because using an “watched element css” in the funnel with this piece of css didn't work. But I'm afraid to create many watched elements, I notice that if we have more than 10, this type of elements can't work properly, and we don’t have another alternative if we want to track non interactive user content.



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Hey @Celia.hegi! Thanks for the followup! 

I hear you on the fear of creating too many Watched Elements, but I can reassure you that there may be some alternatives you can use instead like FS.Event

For your scenario, you could use the Watched Element for now, and in the meantime, you could check if your devs could add some code to send the # of search results in a custom event as a more long-term solution. That way you could search for events where there were 0 results, but you would also get some other data about avg. # of results too! If you add this, you wouldn’t need the Watched Element and wouldn’t have to worry about rate limits. 😊

Please let me know if you have any more questions!