What's the best way to track time between user events?

  • 25 October 2022
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One of the features we have on our mobile app has a clear start and end point. I’m wanting to track the length of time it takes to complete the full use of this feature. Is the best way to do this by creating a funnel with the start and end events? Or is there a metric that would capture this as a single number? The feature can be started in one session and ended in another.


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4 replies

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Hey @finlaysonwb! Welcome to the Community! 

Using a funnel to measure this data can work if you can identify two important events you want to measure time for 😊. Something to keep in mind is that adding more than two events will not work as it’ll be calculated based on the first and last step. 

Another option you can explore if you have Data Export (available with our Enterprise plan) is working with a data analyst to query this information.

Please let me know if you have any further questions! 


@lindsay when I set up a Funnel tracking the Start and End events of interest, how do I then get the average time between these events?

I’m only able to get counts for these two events but what I want is to track how much time it took accomplish that task.


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Hey @LaurenceB! Welcome to the Community and thanks for adding your question to this thread! 😊

If you’re looking to get the average time between these events, you’ll want to take a look at “Median time to convert” in your Funnel data. Median time to convert helps you understand how long it takes users to complete your funnel. You can read more on that here!

Please let me know if this is what you’re referring to, and if you have any other questions! 

@lindsay  If I wanted to investigate the distribution of ‘time to convert’ is my only option the Data Export and analysis?