Event Recap: How to Build Dashboards for UX Designers!

  • 18 January 2023
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Hey Community! 😄

Yesterday we hosted the How to Build Dashboards for UX Designers workshop and it was incredible! Thank you to all who were able to attend- you made it the largest turnout we’ve had yet with over 100 attendees! 

In this session, our incredible host @Christina Lingga, a Product Designer here at FullStory, shared some really valuable insight into the tools she uses to measure the user experience. An important tool she touched on is the H.E.A.R.T. framework.

The HEART framework is a set of user-centered metrics developed to evaluate the quality of the user experience, and help teams measure the impact of UX changes.

For more on the HEART framework:

🤿 Christina dove deeper into the Engagement metric and shared a list of KPI’s to measure user engagement:

  • Page views

  • Active time on a page

  • Scroll depth

  • User paths

  • Conversion rate

  • Most clicked elements

  • Most highlighted text

As promised, you can find the dashboard formulas for the above KPI’s in the attached pdf! 📎

💡 Christina’s top tips for building dashboards for UX Designers are:

  1. Build a habit to measure what matters
  2. Use HEART framework to measure user experience
  3. Use qualitative + quantitative to share understanding of user behavior (LET FULLSTORY HELP YOU)
  4. Hypothesize and experiment using multiple segments

For those of you who attended live or watched the recording, we asked you to join the Community or share a Tip or Trick you learned from our session on our Tips + Tricks page to win a FullStory Community travel mug! Winners will be announced this Friday! 

You can register for our next session on February 7th called How to Build Dashboards for Engineers! In the meantime, we recommend signing up for our Metrics & Dashboards Learn Course to get a step-by-step walkthrough online. 

🎥 Please click here to watch the recording! 🎥
Passcode: vw$e23cQ

🔍 A few additional resources to reference are:  

Thank you again and looking forward to seeing you at the next workshop! 

7 replies

Thanks Christina! I really enjoyed learning about the H.E.A.R.T. Metrics. Having a framework in mind to align with business goals will supercharge my growth as a designer. I look forward to measuring the results of my UX decisions and using that feedback to sharpen my skills.

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Thanks so much for sharing that feedback @jrnbrwn! 😊 I’m so glad to hear this session was valuable for you!

@Christina Lingga did a fabulous job of teaching us about H.E.A.R.T. metrics, and I’m delighted to hear you’re able to put this right to use. Feel free to share any findings with us as you implement this new strategy into your work!​​​

Great session!

One thing I left wanting more of after we went through the engagement dash- it would be good to see recommended dashboards pre vs post launch, how to leverage FullStory during the ideation phase, etc.

I always feel like there’s so much more I could be doing to incorporate FullStory at every phase in the design cycle, but tend to put my energy in the ways I’m already familiar with. 

In the meantime, can’t wait until I have a moment to give a go at a H.E.A.R.T. dash for my org. 

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@kellycashin Thank you for the feedback! That’s really useful and we’ll think on how to offer my lifecycle-based content in the future. 

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I’d also like to announce the winners of our Community Mug giveaway! My random name generator selected the 10 users below as our lucky winners today. I’ll be in touch via Direct Message to ship them your way! ☕️

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would it be follow-up sessions to show what cards you could create for the other areas of the HEART approach?

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@DataSeed99 Love that idea. We’re actively planning future sessions now, and we’ll certainly consider this topic!