Event Recap: Ready, Set, FullStory

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Hey Community! 😎

Thank you so much for attending yesterday’s Ready, Set, FullStory! We had yet another round of great conversations and advice from the brilliant @brenthildebrand! Thank you to those who were able to attend. 😊

As promised, here are some helpful resources and tips discussed in the session that will help you begin your FullStory journey:

When starting out, Brent likes users to determine whether they are using FullStory proactively or reactively before suggesting how to collect data.

Proactively: Start by utilizing Metrics + Dashboards

Reactively: Start by running searches in Segments + viewing Session Replay (here’s an interactive course on Search and Segments)

Most common card types:

  • Single Metric, Metric trends, Dimensionality 

To get new users to look deeper into their data, Brent suggests people ask themselves the following questions:

  1. What is standing out to you from this data?
  2. What is missing?
  3. What were you expecting to see?

Heatmaps is a good place to ask these types of questions when starting out. 

Best use case for Funnels:

  • Funnels are applicable when you have a sequence of events in your digital experience and you want to understand a user path. 
  • Track what a user is supposed to be doing, then see where they are falling off. 
  • A funnel will tell you where you are losing users along the way. 

Every week I finish off our session by asking our host the question, “What question should FullStory users be asking themselves when starting out?” and Brent’s answer this week was:

After I work on this, what am I going to do with this information?

🎥 Please click here to watch the recording 🎥

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If you have more questions for @brenthildebrand please don’t hesitate to thread them below! 

You can get some 1:1 time to dive deeper into these concepts by booking an Office Hours Session with our Customer Success Team here

🚀 Our next event will be held at 9:00am EST on June 8th! 

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Thanks again and see you all next time! 

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