Introducing the FullStory Fundamentals Certification

  • 14 October 2022
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Introducing the FullStory Fundamentals Certification
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Looking for a way to up your FullStory game? The FullStory Fundamentals certification is here!

The FullStory Fundamentals Certification helps you become a FullStory power user, giving you the tools you need to master the platform and drive greater business impact. With this certification, you’ll:

  • Become a subject matter expert in digital experience intelligence (DXI)
  • Understand how integral trust and privacy are to a successful DXI implementation
  • Gain a deep, thoughtful understanding of product analytics

You’ll also learn how to use DXI to its fullest across your organization, add FullStory as a skill in your personal “tech stack,” and earn a shiny new “FullStory Certified” badge in the Community. Win-win-win!

About the certification

First, the certification guides you through nine interactive learning courses designed to teach you essential DXI and FullStory principles. Each course includes short videos, graphics, use cases, and hands-on challenges that help you gain a thorough understanding of topics like architecture, privacy, session replay, and product analytics. You can start and stop each course at any time to work through the content at your own pace.

Then, you’ll wrap up with the FullStory Fundamentals Certification Exam. This exam tests your knowledge of skills learned in each course. Once you pass, you’ll be officially certified! 🥳

Note: Plan to spend approximately 4-6 hours completing the certification courses and exam. If you’re already a FullStory pro, you can skip the courses and test your skills right away with the exam! 

How to get started

  1. Check out the certification on, and click Get Started. 
  2. Login using your FullStory credentials.
  3. Once you log in, you’ll see a personal learning path that contains all nine courses and your final exam.

Don’t go it alone

If you have questions about the concepts covered in the certification, click Create Topic to start a conversation in the Community at any time. We’re always here to help 👊

4 replies

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@DataSeed99, I promised you the certification would be available very soon! Can’t wait for you to earn your badge 😎

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Awesome @megan I’ll start working on that right away 😎

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@megan just got certified (again)! LMK if there’s a way to link my certifications to FullStory Community or if you do some backend magic or what not. Woo!

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Amazing!! Badge assignments usually run every Friday, but I’ll go ahead and get yours assigned now 😊 This all happens behind the scenes, so no action needed from you.