Round 3: Test Your Knowledge Tuesday!

  • 7 March 2023
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Hey Community! 🤗

We are back with another round of…


This question is a riddle! 🤔 Let’s see if you can figure it out! 👀

Good luck and stay tuned for the results on Friday! 💥❓💫

I do not collect data, but can display data. I help organize and contextualize. Don't let my simplicity fool you, I hold a lot of value. I was mentioned in several of the How to Build Dashboards workshops as a tip! What am I?

1 reply

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Alright Community, the results are in for our round 3 riddle! 👀


Once again at no surprise, everyone got it correct with “Text Card” being the answer! ✅

Text cards are really valuable to help organize your dashboards visually, but also to help communicate information to other teams!

They’ve been shared on our Tips & Tricks page and in several of our How to Build Dashboards workshops like this one here for Marketing Managers! I highly recommend watching the recording for more information on how to utilize text cards when building dashboards! 

Thanks again for playing, Community! Stay tuned for the next question on Tuesday and have a wonderful weekend! 💫