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  • 31 August 2023
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As a PM of B2B platform, is there a convenient way to get metrics, funnels, etc. at the account level (vs. user level)? I find that FS has a lot of capabilities that are related to the user activities but I didn’t find a good way to measure the account level  

3 replies

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Hey @Amir! Thanks for reaching out! 

Could you please share more about what you mean by account level in this context? Once I have more information about your specific use case, I’ll be able to determine whether this is something you can do or not. 😊

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Account = organization. As a B2B product, our users are associated with organizations so we need to measure every metric in the context of users and organizations. 

Btw, as possible by other product analytics tools

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Hey @Amir! Thanks so much for clarifying! 

Sometimes users can share a unique “company” identifier associating them to a specific organization. If that’s the case, you may be able to pass this identifier into FullStory as a custom variable which would allow you to easily segment or create metrics and other analytics in FullStory, based on that company value.

We have API calls such as FS.identify (suitable for any users that authenticate/log in to your platform), or FS.setUserVars (suitable for both identified & anonymous users) - both are API calls that allow you to pass in custom user variables. 
Alternatively, customers may differ by User ID, or URL host. If that's the case, you can certainly create a metric of unique users, and group those by URL host like this:

Or by User ID:

Do you think any of the above options would help provide the data you're looking for?

If not, please let me know some more specifics in your reply as to how your customers are typically differentiated, and I’d be happy to advise further! 😊