Can I add "user trends" to a dashboard?

  • 20 December 2022
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I need to be able to to display WAU/MAU, and I know FS automatically visualizes this in the Segments view, but how would I pull this into a dashboard? 

3 replies

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Hi, @david! That is a great question! 😊

Currently, the automated User Trends card is unique to segments, in that it plots DAU, WAU, and MAU all in one card. Whilst you can certainly recreate your own custom metrics to measure active users in these time-frames, there isn't currently a way to compare them all in one graph in a custom metric. You would need to create separate metrics for each of them (unique users by week + unique users by month), then update the time-frames/comparisons to whatever you're most interested in, as well as select the segment/s of users you'd like to include:


And when you're ready, you could add each of the metrics side by side on a dashboard so that you can see the information all at once. 

I can really see why displaying WAU/MAU all in one would be handy so I’m going to submit this product feedback to our teams! I appreciate you reaching out with this question, David!

Please let me know if you have any more questions for me! 

+1. I set up an office hour sesh with a CS manager yesterday trying to figure this out. I needed to see product stickiness, measured as (WAU divided by MAU), over time. 

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Hey @ericuhlee! 😊 Thanks for adding to this thread!

That’s great to hear you were able to spend some time with our team in an office hours session. As I’m sure our Customer Success Manager shared in your session, it is not currently possible to build a metric to divide WAU by MAU to determine product stickiness, I’m afraid. I will send feedback for this on your behalf, as I can really see the value in this as a feature! 

Were you able to discuss other metrics that would be helpful to you? If you have any further questions you’d like answered, feel free to ask them in this thread!