Metric that tracks time to convert as a line graph (funnel gives single value)

  • 8 February 2024
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I am trying to track the time-to-convert from event 1 to event 2 over time. Yes i created a funnel and can if i change the funnel start/end dates/times, i can see the time-to-convert, but i want to track over time as a line graph and this line graph be added to a dashboard. Average time to convert might be 10 min today, 11 min tomorrow, etc. Eventually I want to see daily/weekly/monthly averages and see daily average over past 30 days. How can i achieve this? 

3 replies

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Hi @nadine 

Thanks for reaching out!

Have you tried using the settings to display a trend graph and changing the date range to daily / weekly / monthly options? 

Once a funnel is saved, you can include this graph view on your dashboard and hover over the dates to see the median time to complete your flow based on the time range option selected.

Does this get you closer to what you were looking for?
Gemma :-)

Thank you Gemma - that is a bit closer thank you. But keen for the actual line graph to show the time to complete trend. Is there a way via custom events and metrics etc for eg?

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Hi @nadine,

Thanks for replying to let us know we’re going in the right direction :-)

Setting up a metric to calculate the time between two events could be tricky with the current filters we have available, as a metric would be looking to calculate time durations for a single session rather than time lapsed between events happening across multiple sessions.

You could possibly use FS.event API to track this going forward. Would your developers be able to trigger an API call to send the time lapsed between two events to FullStory? If so, you could then use this to create a metric based on the average value of this property for the time duration.

It looks like your team also have access to our Data Export feature, you would need to recreate the steps from your funnel in a segment and then export the event data. This would require the data to be manipulated further outside of FullStory to calculate the difference in time for EventStart but this could be another option for you to explore. 

For your use-case of wanting to see the daily average time for conversion over the past 30 days tracked as a line graph, would you be able to share some more details of why this would be a helpful feature to have in FullStory?

Typically customers will want to see conversion times for A/B tests or track a new feature, so I'd be curious to understand how seeing the daily average conversion time would be helpful to you. This would help us to have a bit more context when asking our product team to review if we can include this functionality in the future.

We’ll keep an eye out for any additional feedback to see if we can improve but hopefully the suggestions above give you some inspiration too! 🙂