View all page views by user over period of time

Hi, I am new to Full Story and somewhat familiar with other similar analytics platforms. I am struggling to get a list of all page views by user for a period of time (last 6 months). Does anyone know how I can do this?

This is usually pretty straightforward, but I can’t seem to figure it out. This could be an issue specific to my setup but I am out of ideas.

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Hey @maxlovesdata! Thanks for posting your question and welcome to FullStory! 😄 Great user handle, btw!

If you’re looking to get a breakdown of page views by user for the last 6 months, this isn’t something you are able to create in app, but I would recommend using Data Export which is available for users like yourself on the Enterprise plan. You’ll first want to create a segment using a 'Visited Page > any' filter and then create an export from there.

The "UserId" field in the export should allow you to differentiate between users and the "PageId" or "PageUrl" field should help you understand unique pages that users are visiting.

Please let me know if this helps and if you have any further questions!

Since you’re new to the FullStory platform, I wanted to let you know about an event we have every 3 weeks called Ready, Set, FullStory. It is a live Q&A session specifically for beginners where attendees can ask a member of our Customer Success Team any FullStory questions they may have. Our next session is May 18th at 3:00pm EST and I highly recommend signing up! You can also join our FullStory New Users group we just created for folks like yourself to connect with other new users. 😊

Hi Lindsay!


Thank you for the quick response! So, we do have an enterprise plan, but I am not seeing the create export button. Is it possible that either that the export button changed or maybe I don’t have the right permissions?


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@maxlovesdata jumping into this convo “Create Export” is only available to Admins and Architects so if you’re not seeing it you may want to identify an Admin in your team or request your permissions to be updated in order to self serve. Hope this helps!

I will work with my teams and get access. Thank you! 

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Hey @stevenshyne, thanks so much for jumping in and sharing that! 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any more questions @maxlovesdata!

Hi! I got access and did an export. I might be getting what I need, but wanted to check with you first...Here is a screenshot of the fields including the PageURL field. In this export, what exactly would each row be? The event type usually says “navigate” so I can’t tell if each row should be counted as a page visit. What do you think?



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@maxlovesdata that looks like it’s the starting URL - I just had a lightbulb moment. If you’re looking for only one user – like high value or VIP users – you could quickly get all pages visited by a user by refining by User ID or User Name and then Grouping the data by URL (or Page):


@stevenshyne that is cool and I can see how I will use that to help me identify some power user behavior. However, my use case is that I am trying to figure what pages are actually being used, who is using them, and some other details so I can validate for sure what I need to deprecate from our old system. It has been hard for me to figure that out without pulling the last 6 months of usage for each page...Granted I am pretty sure I can guess what is used, but I need to justify that. I think I am getting close, but are there any other ways you might analyze this?

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Hey @maxlovesdata! Thanks for following up and sharing more about your use case and goals!

I like where @stevenshyne was headed with suggesting a metric! 😊 I understand you’re not looking for power user behaviour, but you could create a Metric for any activity, then group by URL/Page in a dimensionality card to get the top page results. Then, you could make another metric scoped to visits to just the top pages and create a dimensionality card based on user properties etc. 

If you’d like help with Data Export, I can connect you with our support team to help provide further insight on what information you’re pulling in the results. I’d also like to share a Knowledge Base article that lists the different data export contents here. When it comes to Event Type, “navigate” is A URL change, either to a completely new page or a new hash fragment.

Please let me know if you’d like me to share your request with our support team, or if you have any other questions about setting up metrics for your use case!