Introducing: Spaces! 🚀⭐🪐

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Houston, we have a new way to collaborate in FullStory. 

Soon, you can opt into a new FullStory experience called Spaces. Spaces make it easy to quickly access the data used by your team’s experts. 

Spaces are a new way to collaborate with colleagues, organize your FullStory objects, and focus on the data that matters most. Here are the details you need to know: 

  • Plans: FullStory Free, Business, and Advanced customers will have one Space, while FullStory Enterprise customers can create unlimited Spaces.
  • Navigation: You’ll notice new navigation that gives you faster access to creating data and analysis objects in FullStory after you opt-in.
  • Easing in: Don’t worry—this update won’t interrupt your current FullStory workflows. You can opt-in or out anytime during the beta period to get used to the new experience. 

Enterprise customers can opt-in early starting November 15th. Free, Business, and Advanced customers can opt-in starting in early December. Spaces will be enabled for all customers in January. 

Want to learn more? Join us on Thursday at 2:00 Eastern for Setting up Spaces, where we’ll review functionality, tips for getting started, organization best practices, and more. 

As always, we’re here to help with any and all of your burning questions! Ask them below (and bookmark our Knowledge Base articles for easy access). 

Bonus: Create a new space in your account, and share a screenshot in the thread below! We’ll choose 3 winners and send them a Community Mug on November 22nd 😀 

p.s. Privacy first! Redact any sensitive info, or just share a screenshot of the name of your space like so 😀 


Just starting with mine! 😁


Love it! Already built two spaces for the different teams 😍



We need a place for these to live while we run our experiments!


Hi @megan ,
I was really excited for the spaces as i had chance to have call with one of the Project team member who was working on it.
We are on advanced plan, so might have to wait till next month to get this enabled in our account? If there a way to add us in the beta version to get early access, then please let me know.
One of the major use case for us to create space called production dashboard, which will only have all the final product dashboards, currently everyone created multiple dashboards and it’s kind of hard to identify the production ones.

So our first space will be “Production Dashboards” .

Hi @Sharf! That’s correct. You’ll have access starting December 6th. Unfortunately, I can’t toggle it on sooner. There are a few last things that our engineers are finishing up before it is ready for Advanced plans. 

That said, thank you for sharing this use case! I know your feedback was incredibly helpful as Curtis worked through the designs, and I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as it’s ready for you. 


Good morning, all! I’m back to announce our 3 Community Mug Winners. Drawn at random, congratulations to @taylor g , @Patrick M, and @patennnn! The Community Team will be in touch shortly with a link to claim your prize 😊