Session Replay Error Events Enhancements

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We know that when watching a session, you may come across an error event that you want to investigate further. We understand this process is an important part of your DX analysis and transitioning from qualitative to quantitative analysis can be a timely endeavour. That’s why we’ve enhanced this experience so with just one click, you can Zoom out on error events in session replay and easily transfer from a qualitative to a quantitative analysis without interrupting your workflow. 

How to view, explore and save these out-of-the-box error event metrics:

From the event stream, click the upward-pointing blue arrow that appears next to the error event you are investigating. A pop-up modal appears with three pre-made metrics that help you immediately discover how often this error has occurred and how many users were affected, all while staying in session replay.

Here are the steps on how to view, explore and save these out-of-the-box error event metrics.

  1. While viewing a session, locate the error event in the event stream.
  2. Explore the event by clicking the blue arrow.
    CleanShot 2023-05-08 at 10.07.31.png
  3. Explore the pre-made metrics that appear in the pop-up window.
    zoom out error events.png
  4. For further and optional analysis, click into any of the pre-made metrics. A new tab will open taking you to the metric definition so you can immediately begin scoping the event further.
  5. Save and rename any of the metrics as you see fit.

For more information, please check out this Knowledge Base article here! Please thread any questions or comments below!


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