Unable to refine an event using AND operator

  • 11 February 2024
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I am trying to refine an event by two conditions and both conditions should be true. But by default an OR condition is applied. How do I change this to AND. 
Attached screenshot, marked condition in red for reference. 
Thank you!

3 replies

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Hi @Kristen Doe 

Thanks for reaching out!

Typically you would refine a search using the option shown in green to add multiple filters to your search criteria:

Taking a look at your own session on FullStory it looks like you were trying to create a search for a session where an event property was set to 2 different values at the same time. Watching some sessions from your account, we see the property value is changing each time the event API is called, so it seems like you would need to duplicate the steps in your search to have multiple rows like this:


This is looking for the same event happening more than once with different criteria, note along the top this example is set to “in any order” and “across any number of sessions” - it’s important to change these options if it affects the sessions you’re looking to uncover.

If this doesn’t help you find what you’re looking for, would you be able to reach out to support via with an example session link showing the activity you’re trying to search for as an example so we can help you refine the search for your use-case?

All the best,

Hey hi Gemma, 
Thank you so much for getting back. This works. 

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Hi @Kristen Doe 

Thanks for coming back to us to let us know this has resolved your query 🙌

If there’s anything else the community can help with, let us know and we will be here to lend a hand!