3 essential features for powerful insights

  • 11 September 2023
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Ready to take your FullStory usage to the next level? FullStory Success Manager @casper shares expert advice and pro-tips for using 3 essential features in the videos below. 

1) Search, Segments and Session Replay
Learn about the power and simplicity of using Segments with Search and Session Replay.

Knowledge Boosters:

🚀   Familiarize yourself with the filters available.

🧑‍🚀   Create segments for groups of users you care about.

🛰️   Find a point of frustration and watch the session to gain insight and empathy.

Resources: User Segments, 6 custom segments for SaaS-y FullStorians

2) Metrics 
Set up metrics to track specific and vital interactions that are meaningful to your business.

Knowledge Boosters:

🧐   Start simple. Find a point of frustration or an action you’re curious about.

🌌   Turn a star into a universe. Change the metric’s count or format to explore your data through a different lens. 

📚   Build a library you and your business will want to keep coming back to.

Resources: Introduction to Metrics


3) Dashboards
Monitor progress, track adoption, prove wins, prioritize work, and identify opportunities with dashboards. 

Knowledge Boosters:

🔍   Think about clarity and consistency for yourself and others when naming your dashboard.

📈   Use existing metrics and see how much you can get from just one question.

🛰️   Use Text Cards to add notes, share insights, and log updates on your dashboard.

Resources: FS 101, Intro to Dashboards, Cookbook



We love to hear about your discoveries and where you’ve found value! I invite you to leave a comment below with something interesting you found. Perhaps it’s something you didn’t know about before and the impact that new discovery will have or, share a top tip you use day to day in FullStory that you think others should know about! 




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