How do I track the bots leads being prevented by reCaptcha on my web

  • 22 October 2022
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Set up reCaptcha on the lead intake flow - detail page, and want to track which and how often leads drop because of bots. How/what should I set up in Fullstory? 

1 reply

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Great question @yyang without having more info I’m not sure if the below would be the right setup for you, but here are the steps I think I would take to tackle this. All screenshots are just for example purposes.


STEP 1: Segment

The first thing I’d look for is if bots are interacting with the proper field - it might look something like this: 


STEP 2: Segment + Custom Events

Instead of [changed] [css selector] like in the above – depending on if you have reCaptcha events tagged in your data layer – you could use Data Layer Capture (LINK) to make it a custom event when a Captcha is submitted.


STEP 3: Exclusion Criteria

It sounds like lead performance is part of your business use case, so you may want to make an exclusion filter for form completions.


STEP 4: Alert

From there you might want to configure an alert for this in Segments for when Captchas spike and leads drop at a specified threshold,  


Hope this helps!