Tip: Using the [OR] Feature to Cast a Wider Net

  • 1 February 2023
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On the hunt for potential user frustration in FullStory? Great! You probably jump into some of the frustration signals that are out of the box in FullStory like Dead Clicks and Rage Clicks to laser in on these Sessions. And you might be tempted to build a Segment with something like the following:

However, what you’ve build above is users who are experiencing Dead Clicks AND Rage Clicks AND Error Clicks in a session. Yikes! Although these would be super interesting and likely super frustrating sessions, you may have a very tight scope of sessions that appear in this Segment.


The Filters in FullStory are in a way dependent events wherein users have to experience everything within the Segment, Funnel, or Metric in order to be included in the list. 


What is much more likely is users experiencing some frustration but maybe not all 3 of 3 of those filter criteria. Therefore, you might want to use [OR] logic to build out independent events, which will increase your scope and help you throw a wider net of visibility into frustration.


To get started with this you can take your original Segment (like the one above) and click the vertical ellipses to reveal additional tools, including the “Or Events” tool:

Once you select the “Or Events” tool you’ll see a faint gray piping and box to visually indicate to you that these criteria are now grouped as one filter with [OR] logic between them (see image below). 

Now, you can jump into sessions that have one or more frustration type and layer in Alerts (if that’s included in your FullStory plan) for a general baseline of frustration signals. 


Extra Credit: Define this as a Custom Event

You can even take your OR event logic and define Custom Events (again, click the vertical ellipses to reveal additional tools and this time select “Define Events”:

You’ll get a modal which will allow you to add a name and description (at CXperts we call this a “Bad Click”) and now you can easily add users who experienced Dead Clicks OR Rage Clicks OR Error Clicks into your Segments, Funnels and other features within FullStory.

How else do you or would you use the OR logic? We’d love to hear it!

1 reply

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Hey @stevenshyne! Thanks so much for sharing this awesome tip! 🙌

It’s true that adding [OR] logic can really expand your results in the right scenario. Looking forward to hearing how others use the OR logic! 👀